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Ok so , I've decided that today I will write my reviews on 5 items that I have recently used/bought, these are the items I'll be reviewing today,

1-Benefits watts up soft focus highlighter for face
2-Vasanti brighten up enzymatic face rejuvenator
3-E.O.S evolution of smooth lip balm sphere in summer fruit
4-Soap and glory cosmetics co SEXY MOTHER PUCKER plumping lip gloss

BENEFITS FACE HIGHLIGHTER---Ok so first up is the benefits watts up soft focus highlighter for face , my first impression I have to say was that it was gonna be a low to no impact product as in something that looked to me like it wouldn't really do much for my face at all BOY WAS I WRONG
It did its job that's for sure , I used it after I did the rest of my makeup routine and I actually used it in place of my bronzer for the day (which I wasn't to sure about as I love my bronzer) I actually did not feel like I was missing anything at all it did finish up my cheeks to a perfect soft subtle glow it also made my skin look a bit smoother I think, when I originally applied the product I was also a bit nervous about the fact that it had a bit of a shimmer to it as I don't like to add any unneccessary shine to my face,but it really did do something very nice with that shimmer, it made my face look soft,smooth,and youthful with a subtle hint of shimmer that was a welcome addition it made me feel beautiful , did not feel thick or heavy and I couldn't even tell it was there it also felt light in terms of not pore clogging...I wore it for about 6 hours while I went out shopping and then I did my regular face wash and bedtime routine when I came home so I'm not sure how long it actually lasts but I can tell you that it lasted at least 6 hours as it was still pretty much in its same form when I got home that evening :) Now I actually received this in a mini version that was included in a travel pack benefits gift set I got as my birthday gift from sephora :) (which I have to say I love that they do that) in case you don't know what I'm talking about - when you have a sephora beauty card/membership and you shop at sephora within 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after your birthday you receive a birthday gift from them I know sweet right :) anyway back to my benefits review like I was saying I had received this in a small size as a gift so I did not purchase it but I looked it up online and on the sephora website it sells for $ 36.00  for the full size and it's 0.33 oz all in all I'd give this product a 8 out of 10 and the reason why is because I think it's an amazing product and will most likely be buying it in the future however I do think $36.00 is a little on the pricey side for a highlight of that size had it been a little bit bigger I would say 10/10 for sure but all in all I still think it's worth it and would recommend buying it if your on the market for a new highlighter with just the perfect amount of shimmer.

~$36.00 at sephora online 8/10 *RECOMMEND*

VASANTI BRIGHTEN UP FACE WASH---Now second on my list is Vasanti brighten up enzymatic face rejuvenator I have to tell you, this is one of my favs!! I have been using this for quite some time,I buy it at shoppers drug mart for $34.00 and it lasts quite a while, you only need a little pea size dot , this is aparently the only one like it that shoppers drug mart offers (with real microdermabrasion crystals that is) most facial exfoliators and scrubs offered in a drug store do not actually have the REAL microdermabrasion crystals in them , the biggest reason why the real ones are so much better and what makes it so important is that the real crystals used in the dermatologist
products are perfect circles so they do exactly what they are meant to do and they do it right , they do not scratch your face or damage your skin , which could be happening with your current wash and not even know it other products that say "with microdermabrasion crystals" usually use cheap crystals and sands and whatnot and they really do a lot of damage to your skin and most times it's so micro small you can not even notice basically I would recommend using this Vasanti wash above any other however if for some reason you can't please please please do keep in mind the damage you can do to your skin by using products with oddly shaped crystals , ok so when I wash my face with this wash what it does is basically exfoliate and uplift all the dirt and dead skin off my face it really does the job honestly I had no idea just how much dead skin there is on your face in such a short period of time, this rejuvenator does exactly what its name suggests it rejuvenates and brightens up your skin it also makes your face feel about a pound lighter lol and you can really notice when you take a close look at your skin after about a week or 2 of use that your pores actually appear smaller,tighter and all in all it just makes your skin smoother and more beautiful and lets be honest ladies that's not just a look, but a feeling!! I would give this product a 9 out of 10 and the 1 point less I've given is only based on 1 thing I'd say I don't like about it , and that is that it's pretty tough to rinse off I usually need to rub my
face and run it under water about 2-3 times before its all off but I mean really it's a small price to pay for such a wonderful product --  definitely recommend this one :)

$34.00 at shoppers drug mart in Toronto 9/10 *RECOMMEND*

E.O.S. LIP BALM SPHERE---Number 3 on my list is the evolution of smooth lip balm sphere in summer fruit , now this is one of my I wish products , this means I really like it but its missing something that I wish it did or had, I will explain , it is a VERY good lip balm it feels very nice on your lips makes them incredibly smooth it feel nice not sticky not waxy not wet or thick just right and smells FANTASTIC so basically I LOVE it BUT .... And this is my only con about this product , I really feel like it doesn't come off onto your lips enough as in not enough of the product comes off with just one application, I feel like I need to glide it over my lips a good 4 or 5 times to get the amount of lip balm I like , HOWEVER this IS just my opinion after all so for you maybe it's the perfect amount , and I can say that my friend whom tried it with me had said that she really likes how it doesn't come off so much onto your lips and coat your lips to much in the product so the thin application is for some a real pro rather then a con so really I don't think I'd call it an issue so much I'd say it's more of just a matter of opinion or a matter of preference,so all in all this one I'd give a ..... Wait for it ...... 10/10 yeppers this is a great lip balm,for sure I'd recommend this product (and I do all the time :)  I bought this at shoppers drug mart in Toronto for $4.99 although I have seen it online for $2.99 so I'm not sure what the actually SRP is.

$2.99-$4.99 10/10 *RECOMMEND*

SEXY MOHER PUCKER LIP GLOSS---Product Number 4 of my review is soap and glory cosmetics co.'s sexy mother pucker lipgloss , now first I have to just say , thumbs up on the super cute name , I mean really thats awesome if you ask me,moving on this lip gloss is actually a PLUMPING lipgloss,which as many of you know I most certainly do not need.However this was given to me as a gift and it was from a male (my hubbys good friend)who clearly had no idea how to choose womens products or what the lables mean ,so I decided to give it a shot anyways because I mean lets face it its hard NOT to try new beauty products when you get them for free right?,(even if they are gifts that you dont really need lol) so I put this lipgloss on and imediately,I started getting a tingling sensation which I know most plumping lip products do and its not that big of a deal however about 5 mins in it actually started being extremely uncomfortable , and about 10 mins in my lips were BURNING , now I know everyone is different and products don't always react the same way for each person so this may not happen to you,I'm not saying this is a side effect of the lipgloss I'm just saying this is what it did -TO ME- , now moving on to the basics,the feeling was very sticky it was the kind of lipgloss where your hair gets stuck in it and when you go to pull it out it stays stuck to your face all the way above your lip and half way up your cheek! ya.. not fun... the look on the other hand I loved,which is a shame for me really because I cant use it , it looked nice and "glossy" and smooth and it had a nice little shimmer to it , also it stayed on for quite a while when my friend did the time test for me (the burning did not happen to her so like I said it's just a person to person thing everyone's different) it started to fade a bit like all glosses after a little talking,eating and so on however about 6 hours in she could still feel it there and I could still notice some color although it had lost its glossy effect , when it comes to the plumping effect I have to say there wasnt to much of a noticable increase in our "pucker" but there was a little something more, all in all id say this could be an awesome product for some as everyone likes there products a different way and for me what I see as cons could be pros for you... for my personal use I'd give it a 2 out of 10 obviously because it's just not for me and I had a bad experience with it however if super sticky, mildly plumping gloss is what your looking for this may just be the perfect thing for you, SOOO for the good qualities I CAN note about it even though it had an adverse effect on my lips I will give it an overall score of 6/10
6/10  $16.00 at sephora online
THE ORIGINAL BEAUTY BLENDER---ok ladies I'm gonna be brutally honest and tell you that at first I was like,seriously I'm never ever buying that, it's insane they are selling a sponge for that much!! BUT.......then I tried one......:) wow it's like make up junky heaven if you've ever had an issue with blending (which I mean come on be real we all have) this is the best thing since itself lol I have had issues in the past with makeup getting cakey after application,especially during stressful times of being in the middle of a well ....zit-fest.... ew ok anway ...this beauty blender is my new best friend ,I will be posting a video on youtube of a makeup routine and will be using the beauty blender in that video, so be on the lookout for that! but in the meantime, the best way to explain it is basically....I can not even explain it!! it is insane amazing it pretty much makes ANY makeup cover better and it blends in great, no more harsh lines around your jawbone or forehead and no more cakey makeup!! this is the tool to buy if you want a perfect smooth finish to your makeup--or have ever dreampt of being a porcelain doll--..... ya... so anyway this is my fav makeup tool right now and the best purchase I've made recently and clearly I'd give it a 10/10 and recommend it!! :)
$20.00-$30.00 10/10 *RECOMMEND*
O.K. ladies, so that's it for my product review for today I hope you found my reviews helpful and informative. If theres anything else you'd like to know please feel free to ask and if you have any review requests on items you're thinking of purchasing, just let me know and I'll do my very best to make sure you have the info you need in order to make wise purchases ,Alright I think that's it so until next time Divas and Dolls , Happy Shopping .
 Krystle :) xoxo...

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